Welcome to the website of the Austrian Consulate in Nassau!

CORONAVIRUS ALERT : Please register with the www.auslandsservice.at , so you are reachable in case of an emergency.

One of the key functions of the consulate is as a support service for expatriate and visiting Austrians. The Consulate cannot issue passports or visas, but provides assistance regarding the issuing of these, and many more services. You can find us under the following address between Cable Beach and the International Airport:

Austrian Consulate

Caves Village

Corner West Bay Street and Blake Road, Nassau, New Providence

Phone: +1 (242) 327 8278

Fax: +1 (242) 327 0096

E-mail: info(at)austriaconsulnassau.com

Office hours: Mo – Fr 9:00 am – 4:00pm

Public hours: Mo - Fr 9:00 am - 12:00 noon (except public holidays)

Austrian Citizen Service at the Austrian Foreign Ministry in Vienna: +43 501150 4411 at any time 24/7.

Austrian Embassy Washington Officer-on-Duty (only for urgent matters involving Austrian citizens only): 1 202 413 8181


All matters (Passport, Visa, Residence Permit, Citizenship, Legalizations, etc.) require appointments via e-mail or phone. Excluded from this requirement are emergencies for Austrian citizens only.

Austria(ns) in the Bahamas

Austria already maintained good relations with the Bahamas in the colonial period, both on the government level and as a holiday and second home destination for Austrians who love the contrast. After independence on July 10, 1973, Austria began direct diplomatic relations, the responsibility of which was transferred from the Embassy of London to the Embassy in Washington. Thanks to more affordable flight connections, increased cruise tourism and more hotel offers in the Bahamas, more tourists came to the Bahamas. The statistics show the 1.800 Austrians per year, and Austria is thus the 20th most important country of origin (and 8th in Europe), fairly stable over the last 15 years (Source: Ministry of Trade Info). The number of Austrians resident in the Bahamas is around 25, according to information available to the consulate

Exports from Austria to the Bahamas are small, mainly tools, vehicle and aircraft parts, energy drinks and wine.

Bahamas and Bahamians in Austria

Austria is an increasingly attractive tourist destination for Bahamians.

There are small quantities of food exports (frozen seafood) and rhum from Bahamas to Austria

News for Austrians in the Bahamas

Resident Austrians are welcome to contact the Consulate, to introduce themselves to the Honorary Consul. Phone or e-mail contact please.

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